Box Office Top Ten Movies

  Box Office Top Ten Movies   By Patrick Hill @Pathill17 @NeonRenMagazine       Even though summer has not arrived, that still doesn’t stop theaters from being crowded. Hey, it’s the box office top ten movies from May 19th to the 21st.  Some of the movies that are on this list has been around since last month. Even so, some have deliver while the … Continue reading Box Office Top Ten Movies

Fashion on Sale (Fashion Market)

Couturecandy founded in 2005 has been delivering great designer clothing for twelve years. They have all designers apparel and accessories.  This online couture is one out many hidden gems that gives great quality product for a great price. So, if you are online shopping for clothes this summer. Look no further than this article here. You can find these five items at   MAC DUGGAL … Continue reading Fashion on Sale (Fashion Market)

Billboard Top 10 Albums

  Billboard Top 10 Albums By Patrick Hill @Pathill17     We are five months in and we are hearing incredible music in 2017.  Going into 2017, we witness The Weeknd rise to the top chart. Let’s not forget Disney “Moana” Soundtrack which was number three on the Billboard chart during The Weeknd number one status. Now, it gets more interesting due in fact Ed … Continue reading Billboard Top 10 Albums


A REVIEW OF THE NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES THE GET DOWN By Juan Carlos Diaz @Tearsofwardiaz   As an avid fan of hip-hop, I always yearned for a depiction of the early days within the realm of film, be it through a TV show or movie. Some might argue that Hollywood has already explored the early days of hip-hop with films such as Breaking and Beat … Continue reading A REVIEW OF THE NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES THE GET DOWN

Will there be a season two of “The Get Down?” #TheGetDown #Netflix

Where there be a season three of “The Get Down?” By Patrick Hill @Pathill17     If you have not seen part one or part two or both, I will not give away too much. However, a spoiler disclaimer if you have not seen them. The story takes place in the days of disco and funk music in 1970s. If you not familiar with those … Continue reading Will there be a season two of “The Get Down?” #TheGetDown #Netflix

The controversial “Open Casket” painting

The controversial “Open Casket” painting By Patrick B. Hill @Pathill17     The Whitney Museum of American Art and artist Dana Schutz are under scrutiny for a painting called “Open Casket.”  The painting display a mutilated face of a young African American boy in an open casket. The artist acknowledge that the painting is of Emmett Till who was tortured and lynched by two white … Continue reading The controversial “Open Casket” painting