Disclaimer for Colors (Short Story)

  Disclaimer: Before you, the reader, reads these stories, I just want to say that they are completely, without a doubt, FICTION. Fiction taken from Real World events. No person or persons depicted in these stories have been made to fruition based on real people. The concepts and backdrops of each story, ARE however, based on real scenarios. In no way am I “Color-bashing” anyone, … Continue reading Disclaimer for Colors (Short Story)

Q&A with “Just Tryin’ To Be Loved” Author J’son M. Lee

It just clicked for me after she said that. It’s plain unethical to think that someone can change their sexuality. I spent my life thinking something was wrong with me. I wanted to tell our stories to normalize our reality. Q&A  with “Just Tryin’ To Be Loved” Author J’son M. Lee. By Juan Carlos Diaz   Lol Ever since we’ve met J have been fascinated … Continue reading Q&A with “Just Tryin’ To Be Loved” Author J’son M. Lee

Shrines of War by Juan Carlos Diaz

  Shrines of War Poem by Juan Carlos Diaz     My war laughed at me today It told me not to feed it anymore From the food grown in adolescent Wastelands where shrines for Teenage girls still stand erect Even though they’re now thirty- Something year-old mothers of little Girls whose heartbreaking tendencies Lay dormant on their smiling faces Until awakened by the sound … Continue reading Shrines of War by Juan Carlos Diaz

What to expect?

Neon Renaissance Magazine is a place where art lives. What does that mean in general, it means we focus on art from all aspects. Neon Renaissance is the future movement for art. We build this platform to showcase today’s artwork as well as publication. This outlet encourages artists to continue to doing what they love and spotlighting their work. We also shine light on start-ups, … Continue reading What to expect?