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Interview with creator of “Just Friends” Ally Marshall


Interview with creator of “Just Friends” Ally Marshall

By Patrick Hill @Pathill17

As we get set for season two of “Just Friends” the web series on YouTube, I sat down with Ally Marshall one of the creator, co/producer, and writer of the series. She teamed up with another great producer and visionary Ian Miles for this project. For those who haven’t seen the series, you can still watch it on allyswayproductions YouTube channel before season two premieres this fall. The story is about Amanda (Sarah Grace Lee) and Owen (Chris Anderson) who happen to be best friends. Amanda (Sarah Grace Lee) happens to be in a relationship with Jacob (Marquis Valdez). However, Amanda has feelings for Owen, but she doesn’t want to pursue a relationship with Owen. Amanda’s best friend Harper (Britani Ashanti) ponders Amanda (Sarah Grace Lee) choice to be with Jacob (Marquis Valdez) over her best friend Owen (Chris Anderson). While Mya (Ronni) who happens to be an ex friends of Amanda (Sarah Grace Lee) wants whatever Amanda have. The series takes place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The first episode has over 26,632 views on YouTube. The second episode has 23,966 views. As the third pulled in 10,183, and the season finale episode ended at 7,866. Leaving it all in total of 70,000 views.  It is one the most underrated web series on YouTube and now season two should be interesting.


I spoke to Ally Marshall the creator about her background and the web series through Facebook messenger.

Gives us the background on how you started your production company and what is the goal?

Well I went to the Art Institute and then I decided to Branch out on my own with the help of Ian miles my partner and our goal is to make great entertainment and to get a distribution deal.

Oh okay. That’s a great school. So, what was your experience at the Art Institute? What did you learn and do you apply what you learn from your experience at school to your work?

Yes I learned camera angles and editing my experience was okay. Oh and I also learned lighting and sound.

Where are y’all at right now with the production and distribution?

We are in the beginning process of shooting just friends the web series season 2.

Okay. I love that series

Thank you so much.

Your welcome. Since you brought that up. We been promoting your web series for awhile on our site. We loved it and I know our readers loved it. Tell me what was the process like doing “Just Friends” web series?

Thank you I really appreciate you promoting it on your website and I’m glad to hear that your readers loved it. The process is work but it’s worth it in the end. I write the script and work it out with Ian miles to his ideas and feedback and then we do casting and call backs and then we get started.

When you wrote the script for “Just Friends” what was Ian thought of the project when you presented it to him?

He loved the idea…we both like doing projects that people can relate to. And we both felt like people would be able to relate to what these characters are going through either through Amanda’s perspective or Owen or Jacob.


Which brings me to the characters of the story. Episode four, we finally saw Amanda admit her feelings to Owen even though she was resenting it. Though each episode was hinting that she loves Owen. There was a particular moment where Owen broke down after she choose Jacob. Take me back to that moment and how did you feel about that part in your script. What was you’re feeling about this part and why it took Amanda so long to admit her feelings for Owen?

Yes, I remember that scene that was a very emotional scene on a very hot day hahaha anyway I felt like that was the moment when Amanda made her decision she can either choose Jacob or Owen and even though she told Owen they will still be friends in a way she was definitely choosing Jacob because if not she would have just told Jacob to back off and that Owen was her friend first before she even met Jacob. So that was a lesson right there boyfriends/girlfriends can come and go but friendships supposed to last forever. And to answer your second question about why it took Amanda so long to realize her feelings for Owen… Amanda’s feelings were tied up into Jacob for most of the season and the more she was around Jacob the more she realized that Jacob wasn’t right for her and the more that she saw Owen try to move on for instance remember episode 2 Amanda was jealous when Owen had a date… then just little things like that started to add up so once Jacob proved himself to be a player all her attentions turned to Owen especially when she saw Owen and Harper together she got jealous and suddenly Owen looked like gold to her.

As y’all set to do season two, what can fans expect in season two?

Well fans can expect to see more drama new and exciting characters and the comedy that you come to expect from Just Friends the web series.

Are y’all currently working on any other projects that we might end up seen soon?

Not yet

What do you think about the black filming industry?

I feel it’s a lot more opportunities for black filmmakers and black content and entertainment than it used to be and I’m excited to enter that world. I like to show different sides of African Americans and not all of us are gangsters like you see in a lot of films.

What would be a dream scenario in your mind?

Making it to Hollywood my own private jet haha but seriously though I’m doing this to make it I want to be up there with filmmakers like Issa Rae and Spike Lee.

I can’t wait for season two. Thank you for your time and I look forward to seen you on the big screens.

You’re welcome…thank you for the interview and for watching.


Season two of “Just Friends” is expected to drop this fall on their YouTube channel. Make sure you subscribe to their channel and watch all the drama unfold.

YouTube Channel: allyswayproductions

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Victory Productions presents EX-Factor (S2, E1 – Let Me EXplain)


In the season 2 premiere, Laura works to explain what really happened after the bomb is dropped that Jay may not be the father of her unborn child; meanwhile, Clarisse struggles with her relationship with her ex-husband.

YouTube Channel: Victory Productions

Color Blind (Web Series)

(Episode 1.1 – Welcome To The Big Leagues)

Trey and Xavier “Xay” Williams are brothers, who are both struggling to make ends meet especially when it comes to taking care of their families and the family business, but while Trey returns to the fighting scenes, Xay decides to take another route.

Written and Directed: Karlton T. Clay

Feature Picture: Tina- Chris Williams

Producer: Terrence Williams

Executive Producers: Karlton T. Clay and Saint Abia Williams

Music:  “Trust Nobody” by Lil Co and Saint

“Weight on me” by Tyzavier “Zayda Mane” Wesby

“Self Esteem” By Danny Blaze ft. Tionne Robinson

“Self Esteem” By  Austin Jackson


Calvin Roland

Cendric Johnson

Kendra Clay

Lamar Copeland

Janae Dotson

Blake Collins

Jamie Curtis

Faheem Blair

Micheal Branch

Evelyn Johnson

Eric E. Poe

Corey Patterson Sr.

Subscribe to Victory Production on YouTube or click on the link below to subscribe.  Stay tune for Webisode two on Thursday. 



YouTube Creator Review: Karlton Clay

Photo by Alan Lux Studios

YouTube Creator Review: Karlton Clay

By Patrick Hill

@Pathill17 @NeonRenMagazine



We introduce this article to shed light to creators who share a passion of creating art through visual work. With a platform like YouTube, billions of people are using the platform to showcase their visual work, and talent. It is a great place for filmmakers to showcase film. A great place for actors to showcase their acting. A great place for art in general. Without places like YouTube that allows the public access to creators; there wouldn’t be a place for people like Karlton Clay.


10711073_10101713661221197_3517848816100998826_nKarlton Clay a graduate from Georgia State writes, directs, and produces for his production company called Victory. Victory Production started in 2003.  Karlton Clay who has work in production for ten years as an associate producer, producer, technician, and board operator. He introduces his audience to his visual work on YouTube releasing short films as well as web series. Creating varies of content for viewers to watch. First web series premiered in 2006 on YouTube. Color blind for example talks about the struggle of an individual as well as the issues surrounding the individual choices. It also invites you into the main character world from community to personal life. Color blind may come off as comedy after the first episode. However, the show doesn’t shy away from drama and suspense of each moment.



Photo by Tina-Chris Williams

Next Saturday, we will premiere Color Blind on our YouTube Web Series Watch article. You can watch it before next Saturday by clicking on the link below to Victory Production YouTube Channel. Make sure you support and subscribe to their channel. Don’t forget to follow our magazine for articles, concerts, events, arts, poems, YouTube, etc.


Photos were done by Alan Lux Studios



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Just Friends Series Finale (watch)

Recap of Episode 3;

Amanda develops feelings for Owen. Amanda starts having fantasies about her and Owen until Jacob appears in her fantasy. She wakes up confuse about her dream.  Jacob has discover something new about Mya. Amanda decides to introduce Jacob to Owen after they rekindle their relationship. To assure Jacob that Owen is just a friend. Jacob confronts Owen about being friends with Amanda. Later Jacob tells Amanda either she stop being friends with Owen or it’s over.

This finale episode will answer all the questions you made need to know. Will Amanda decide to dump her friendship with Owen for Jacob, What happens with Owen, Will Mya finally get Jacob, Does Harper finally admit her feelings for Harper, and will Amanda hook up with Owen.  Enjoy this finale episode.

(Parental Adviser due to the sexual, profanity, and brief nudity)

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YouTube Channel link:


Just Friends Web Series Ep: 3 (watch)

Recap Episode 2,

Mya meets up with Harper who happens to be friends with Amanda. Harper tells Mya about Amanda forgiving Jacob after the break up. Mya seem worry giving the fact she slept with Jacob. Harper also tells Mya that Amanda call her a “thot.” Harper jokingly laughs until Mya got upset. Meanwhile, Owens has a date with Candy, and Amanda gets jealous. Mya turns up the heat with Jacob. Amanda finds a suspicious text from Jacob phone.

We pick up from episode two left us. Will Amanda finally get rid of Jacob, will Owens get a chance to with Amanada. We shall see in episode three.

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Just Friends Web Series Ep: 2 (watch)

Recap from episode one,

Amanad tells Jacob that she loves him but Jacob seem hesitant to say it back. Amanda asks him for which he replies he wasn’t in love with her. After Amanda leaves Jacob home in distress, she tells Owen about the break up. Owens comforts her and ponders about telling her that he wants to be with her. Owen took a chance in the moment to tell her, he wants to be with her only to be deny. Amanda tells Owen that she refer to be friends with him. After Amanda leaves Owen home, Owen contacts Noah (Alexander Williams Laroche) to tell him what happen. Amanda tells her best friend Harper that Jacob broke up with her. Harper ask Amanda about her relationship with Owens. Amanda tells Harper that her and Owen are just friends. Harper expresses her thought about Owen but also worry that Amanda will go back out with Jacob. After not taking heap of Harper words about leaving Jacob, Amanda goes back to Jacob. When Jacob accepts her back, Mya walks in to see it. After leaving Jacob home, Mya meets up with Harper.


So we pick up from where episode two left us. Watch and discuss. Make sure to follow them on social media and subscribe to their channel on YouTube


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Just Friends Web series Ep: 1 (watch)

Introducing our YouTube video series where we browse through YouTube looking for web series and short films for your viewing pleasure.  I like to introduce y’all to a web series called “Just friends” Produce by Ian Miles and Ally Marshall.  Written by Ally Marshall. The story is about Amanda (Sarah Grace Lee) and Owens (Chris Anderson) who happen to be best friends. Amanda (Sarah Grace Lee) happens to be in a relationship with Jacob (Marquis Valdez). Amanda’s best friend Harper (Britani Ashanti) ponders Amanda (Sarah Grace Lee) choice to be with Jacob (Marquis Valdez) over Owens (Chris Anderson). While Mya (Ronni) who happens to be friends with Amanda (Sarah Grace Lee) wants Jacob (Marquis Valdez).

The first episode Owens is in love with Amanda.  Let’s watch and make sure you tune in for episode two next week on this site. Don’t forget to subscribe to their channel and follow them on social media. The links will be below this video.

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