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Amazon Best Sellers: Urban Fiction books.

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Get to know “Beautiful Nightmare” author Johnna B. (Ten questions)

Juan C. Diaz gets to know “Beautiful Nightmare” author Johanna B. As he ask her ten questions. Pick up a copy of “Beautiful Nightmare” at Amazon.

Editors pick of the month “Unanswered Questions” by Complex Angel

  Hello Readers, Each month, me and Juan Carlos Diaz will highlight one book that we think you the reader should read. The books can be self published or published by a major press company. What we do is highlight the books that we feel that are good to read. We also want to encourage

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What to expect?

Neon Renaissance Magazine is a place where art lives. What does that mean in general, it means we focus on art from all aspects. Neon Renaissance is the future movement for art. We build this platform to showcase today’s artwork as well as publication. This outlet encourages artists to continue to doing what they love

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Publishing Myths First-Time Authors

Publishing Myths First-Time Authors by Juan Diaz             Upon entering my fifth year as a published author, this is perhaps the most asked question when people see me in public: “Juan, how much money do you make off of your books?” At the mere sound of that question I can’t

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