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Angelica Poversky – Pluck Me


Angelica Poversky placed 5th on Aug 7th 2017 at the Vancouver Poetry Slam. This is Angelica’s poem Pluck Me


“My Secret” Poem dedicated to Chester Bennington by Juan C. Diaz


My Secret

By Juan C. Diaz @Tearsofwardiaz




No one can know that my

Smile is a prison.

No one can know

That I still try to sew up

The huge hole from the

Thin layer of innocence

That I had discarded

At age fourteen.

No one can know

That I am the tired warrior

Going in to battle hoping

That it will be my


And if it is my last,

I hope that I am

The last cripple to

Be born on Earth.




This poem is dedicated to Chester Bennington.


2017 Women of the World Poetry Slam – Emi Mahmoud

A poet and activist originating from the war-town region of Darfur, Emi Mahmoud is the Individual World Poetry Slam Champion of 2015, and the co-Champion of the 2016 Women of the World Poetry Slam.

Currently a senior at Yale University, a Leonore Annenberg Scholar, and Global Health Fellow, Emi studies Anthropology and Molecular Biology at Yale in the hopes of one day alleviating structural disparities on maternal and child health in disadvantaged communities the world over.

Outside of academics, Emi is involved in the Yale Refugee Project, contributes to an international research initiative, and teaches spoken word poetry on campus and through ConnCAT in order to empower youth with the power of voice in various communities. In recent years, Emi has participated in and co-coached the Yale CUPSI slam team. As a child and adolescent, Emi was a public speaker presenting poetry across the country as part of the Darfur Alert Coalition and raising awareness and aid to address the often blood-relative victims of genocide in Darfur, her homeland.

A member of the Loser Slam NPS 2015 National team and 2015 World Champion, Emi has and continues to collaborate with various artists in an attempt to use poetry and other art forms to celebrate the full extent of human expression.

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Khadijah Fofana – “Survival”

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Filmed at the 2016 BABEL Grand Slam / CUPSI Qualifier in Philadelphia PA

Khadijah is also a member of The Babel Poetry Collective. For more info on them and everything they do, check out:
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Instagram: @babelsback
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Alex Dang – “What Kind of Asian Are You?” (NPS 2013)


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Alex Dang, performing for Portland, OR at the 2013 National Poetry Slam.

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The Meaning Of Life ┇Powerful Spoken Word┇# lebo2196


Very Powerful Spoken Word Islam.

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