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Limited-Edition Magazine is coming

Neon Ren Magazine is coming this Spring. Details about the magazine.


Short Stories (Disclaimer)

Dear Readers,   We are proud to introduce a category dedicated to short stories created by authors, writers, and you. This category is for the readers to explore the minds of talented writers who have or have not written a novel. It is going to be our tradition moving forward to encourage you to support

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Falling In Love With All Of You. Poem by Juan Carlos Diaz

Falling In Love With All Of You Written by Juan Carlos Diaz   Paint me with your screams, The walls that confine my Soul. So that I may understand the Dark shad of color that is Your heart. Educate me within schools that Are your wounds, and upon graduation I promise you that I will

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What to expect?

Neon Renaissance Magazine is a place where art lives. What does that mean in general, it means we focus on art from all aspects. Neon Renaissance is the future movement for art. We build this platform to showcase today’s artwork as well as publication. This outlet encourages artists to continue to doing what they love

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Interview with Author Keanon Chambers

Interview with Author Keanon Chambers By Juan Carlos Diaz   Twenty-six-year-old Keanon Chambers is perhaps one of the brightest literary stars to rise from Delaware’s underground literary scene. A native of Wilmington, Delaware, Chambers states that what influenced him to become a writer were the negative things that were occurring throughout his neighborhood when he

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