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The controversial “Open Casket” painting

The controversial “Open Casket” painting By Patrick B. Hill @Pathill17     The Whitney Museum of American Art and artist Dana Schutz are under scrutiny for a painting called “Open Casket.”  The painting display a mutilated face of a young African American boy in an open casket. The artist acknowledge that the painting is of Emmett Till who was tortured and lynched by two white … Continue reading The controversial “Open Casket” painting

The Hood’s banshee (poem)

  The Hood’s banshee Poem by Juan Carlos Diaz     Wilmington, Delaware’s row homes are two hundred-year-old Giants. A gun lets out the scream of the hood’s banshee. A hustler’s soul is caught between her teeth as the temple that Once housed the man’s soul lies limply at the feet of the row homes’   Painting by Roy ferdinand Continue reading The Hood’s banshee (poem)

Short Stories (Disclaimer)

Dear Readers,   We are proud to introduce a category dedicated to short stories created by authors, writers, and you. This category is for the readers to explore the minds of talented writers who have or have not written a novel. It is going to be our tradition moving forward to encourage you to support upcoming  authors and writers. It is not an easy task … Continue reading Short Stories (Disclaimer)

Billboard Top 10 of 2017

Billboard Top 10 of 2017 By Patrick Hill @Pathill17 We look at the billboard top 10 albums of 2017. It’s no surprise to see that The Weeknd “Starboy” album on top of the billboard chart. Last week it was number 2 on the chart. After six weeks on the chart, the album has climb to the top beating out Ariana Grande, J.Cole, and fellow OVO … Continue reading Billboard Top 10 of 2017

Falling In Love With All Of You. Poem by Juan Carlos Diaz

Falling In Love With All Of You Written by Juan Carlos Diaz   Paint me with your screams, The walls that confine my Soul. So that I may understand the Dark shad of color that is Your heart. Educate me within schools that Are your wounds, and upon graduation I promise you that I will destroy The very foundation created By the men who hurt … Continue reading Falling In Love With All Of You. Poem by Juan Carlos Diaz

Neighborhood Goddess. Poem by Juan Carlos Diaz

  Neighborhood Goddess By Juan Carlos Diaz   What is poetry but a brief Glance at the neighborhood Goddess as she sits across From you on the school Bus, a gaping hole, oozing out Her innocence and childhood. My eyes become portals that Open up to oblivion, Swallowing my face. The goddess looks in My direction and sticks her Hands into those portals, Absconding with … Continue reading Neighborhood Goddess. Poem by Juan Carlos Diaz

Attn: We are accepting poetry Submissions

    Poets,     We are now accepting poems. We would like for you to share your poetry to the world through our platform. We are an open platform for inspiring talent. My partner Juan Carlos Diaz has been doing poetry for a while. To see his work on our platform and to see the recognition it has been receiving; we feel proud that … Continue reading Attn: We are accepting poetry Submissions