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Limited-Edition Magazine is coming

Neon Ren Magazine is coming this Spring. Details about the magazine.


Get to know Creator Kashif Boothe (Kashif Boothe Entertainment)

We introduce creator, filmmaker, entrepreneur, and CEO of Kashif Boothe Entertainment Kashif Boothe in our “Get know” spotlight article.

Top Twenty Movies of 2017.

Top Twenty Movies of 2017 By Patrick Hill   To be quite honest, next year movie list looks very interesting from a fan standpoint. As we end 2016 which is in two weeks, I think it’s not surprising that the headline movies that are heading to theaters in 2017 will draw box office numbers. We

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Publishing Myths First-Time Authors

Publishing Myths First-Time Authors by Juan Diaz             Upon entering my fifth year as a published author, this is perhaps the most asked question when people see me in public: “Juan, how much money do you make off of your books?” At the mere sound of that question I can’t

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