Studying Life. Poem by Juan Carlos Diaz

Studying Life

by Juan Carlos Diaz

Life can never be studied,

As it is breathing heavily

Upon your face, for its

Features are still blurred

In the glare of the anew;

Still dripping in the

Sliminess of after birth.

Let’s wait, however, until

Each day lies its head

Sleepily upon the

Bosom of the past

So that we can

Be able to determine

If life was beautiful

Or not.

Top Twenty Movies of 2017.

Top Twenty Movies of 2017

By Patrick Hill


To be quite honest, next year movie list looks very interesting from a fan standpoint. As we end 2016 which is in two weeks, I think it’s not surprising that the headline movies that are heading to theaters in 2017 will draw box office numbers. We end this year first with Star Wars Rogue One. Star Wars Rogue One is set to release on the 16th. If you planning on getting tickets to see it, you can order them today online without the hassle of waiting in line. Movies like Star Wars draw big box office numbers which the last Star Wars made two billion dollars. Spectators expect it to grow hoping to beat Star Wars Force Awakening box office numbers. That should be intrigue especially since I will be one to go and see it. However, there are fifty-one blockbuster movies expecting to be in theaters of 2017.

Here are the top twenty most anticipated movies that will be coming to theaters in 2017.

1) Fast and Furious 8: The fate of the furious.
2) Transformers: The Last Knight
3) Fifty Shades of Dark
4) Justice League
5) Logan
6) Star Wars: Episode VIII
7) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol:2
8) Wonder Woman
9) Spider man: Homecoming
10) World War Z 2
11) Thor: Ragnarok
12) Beauty and the Beast
13) War for The Planet of The Apes
14) Power Rangers
15) Underworld: Blood Wars
16) Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
17) Resident Evil: Final Chapter
18) XXX 3: The Return of Xander Cage
19) The Mummy
20) John Wick: Chapter 2

These top twenty movies are the most anticipated movies of 2017. There are more if you wish to find out about them. The link will be below the clips. Looking at this list of movies, tell me which one or two are you most looking forward to?

Leave a comment below.

Rogue One Trailer

War for The Planet of the Apes Trailer

The Mummy Trailer

The Fate of the Furious Trailer

Logan Trailer

XXX 3: The Return of Xander Cage

John Wick 2 Trailer

Most anticipated movie list link:

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What to expect?


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Jealous Ones

Jealous ones

By Juan Carlos Diaz

Tap tap tap

The tears of

A billion lovers past and

Present crash against the windowpanes

Trying to break in and steal what

You and I have in between the sheets

Oh yes those forlorn tears of

Lovers long gone trying to

Get straight to us

Just listen to the sound of

Their angry tears bouncing

Desperately on the outside of our home


Do you hear that? Babe,

Now they’re groaning in

Frustration because their bitter

And hateful tears can’t touch us

Ha the weatherman says it’s just

A bad thunderstorm outside but he

Doesn’t have the slightest clue of

The wars we’d faced to find

Each other and the jealous ones in pursuit

Gone Writing

Gone Writing

By Juan Carlos Diaz

She walks into my study,

And notices that my face,

Doesn’t belong to me,

My eyes are of another,

World anxiously,

Waiting to be birthed,

And awakened onto,

This one,

She focuses her,

Attention on my fingers,

As they dance to the rhythm of,

Tap tap tap finger to keyboard,

As bricks and mortar,

Fall from the atmosphere,

Of my brain,

It is then that she asks in her,

Sweet girlfriend voice,

“Have you gone writing today, baby?”

Interview with Author Keanon Chambers

Interview with Author Keanon Chambers

By Juan Carlos Diaz


Twenty-six-year-old Keanon Chambers is perhaps one of the brightest literary stars to rise from Delaware’s underground literary scene. A native of Wilmington, Delaware, Chambers states that what influenced him to become a writer were the negative things that were occurring throughout his neighborhood when he was growing up. “I was aware of all the bad elements of my neighborhood and said to myself. Na, that’s not the route that I’m choosing for my future,” stated Chambers. He also says that reading became the ultimate escape for him. “For me books became doors to rooms I could escape to and be able to experience a totally different environment other than the one I was living in.” It wasn’t until Keanon reached his mid-twenties, however, that he realized that he too had the ability and the talent to write. “I remember I was constantly reading novels written by Eric Jerome Dickey, Walter Mosely, and Zane when one day I came to the realization that I was capable of writing my own book,” said Chambers.

With his creativity and passion already fueled, Keanon embarked on a journey to create the character Sergei Santana, who is the main character of Chambers’ first book titled Mirrored Faces: There Are Two Sides to Every Ego. In this tale, Chambers gives readers a glimpse into the life of a former U.S. spy who is now a multi-billion-dollar owner of a carrier company. However, Santana’s days as a spy are brought back into his life when his family is suddenly attacked by a terrorist he helped arrest years prior to the main events in the story. With his first book already receiving great reviews, Chambers says he is hard at work on the next installment of this series, hoping to inspire other youngsters like himself. For more information on Keanon Chamber visit where his book can be purchased. A Kindle version is also available for download.


Q&A with local Artist/Writer/CEO of Pure Religion Candles Yvette Renee.

Q&A with local Artist/Writer/CEO of Pure Religion Candles Yvette Renee.

By Patrick B. Hill


Today, I spoke with Yvette Renee for those who don’t know, she is a local artist, writer, and business woman who runs her own brand. I sat down with her to discuss about her passion for art and work life. Her story is very touching and encouraging. You will learn about a bit her life and how art has given her a voice to express herself.


I notice you are an artist, writer, painter, and the CEO of Pure Religion Candles. What was the process like transitioning from each position?

Each venture has been a natural outpouring of expression based on life experiences at those times. I’ve been a writer for almost as long as I can remember. In second grade I wrote my first story that had an “audience” (my class) and I was hooked. I started painting after I broke up with my first love. He was also a painter and it was a way I could express how I felt about all of the changes and feel close to him. I didn’t start taking it “seriously” until a few years ago, when I felt like I had lost my voice and painting became the means of expression. The candle business came about as I grew stronger in my Christian faith. I wanted a way to serve Jesus and make meaningful, personal gifts for others. None of what i do is work for me. It’s just living.


Wow, reading what you said; it seems like art pretty much allow you express yourself like you want to. I hope I am not reading this wrong.

You have it right. I’m your typical “misunderstood” introvert so art is my vehicle of communication with the world.


Right. Would you say if it wasn’t for art, you wouldn’t have the ability to express yourself?

Hmmmm……I’ve never thought about it yes, I would say that. When i think of some of the darker periods of my life it was usually a time I wasn’t doing anything at all.


Have you written a book?

No. Still on my goal list. Its why I consider myself a writer. Not an author. I do personal creative writing but professionally I’ve written columns, some articles, and various writing services for businesses and other clients.

Interesting. Would you consider it giving the time you may have down the road?

I have a few ideas in mind so it’s a distinct possibility. I consider myself a brand so means of expression is always evolving as I do.


Okay. I was on your art site looking at your paintings. I am impressed. When I move out, I will buy one of them. One painting that stood out to me was “Burn before 11:30.” Explain to me what was the concept of this painting?

Thanks! Cool just let me know. That one was kind of a practice piece. An old friend had contacted me out of the blue and wanted me to live paint at one of his events. I hadn’t painted anything in almost 6 years. So, to get myself back in that creative place I did a few practice pieces.

Oh okay. So, can people order your painting, how does that work?

Its real casual since I don’t have prints yet so I sell to mostly local people that buying either at a show or contacting me by email or phone for in person delivery. I accept cash, money order, PayPal, and credit cards and i also offer installment plans for the pricier pieces.


Tell me little bit more about Pure Religion Candles?

Pure Religion candles is a ministry and a business. I hand make all natural soy candles and all natural body butter. I print a scripture verse on each product, usually a verse about faith, hope, love, etc. 10% of all sales are donated to Samaritans purse (a one-time payment during tax time).


What candle would you recommend new buyers to try first?

Each scent is so unique so it’s up to the preference of the buyer. Scents come in vanilla, lavender, frankincense & myrrh, mango, oak moss & amber, and lavender chamomile.


One more before we go. Will there be another art show happening in 2017 for you?

Uhhhh….depends on how the Lord leads me lol. Art shows are a lot of work preparation wise and day of. I will probably be focusing more on my candle business and doing art on commission.


Okay so no art show?

Lol, depends. Nothing planned but if the Lord leads me to an opportunity then sure.

Okay. So, there’s hope.

Yes. I think i did like 3 or 4 this year which is why I’m chilling right now. But I advertise all my work on social media (Instagram and twitter) and my website so people can view and purchase just by giving me a call.


You can follow her on Instagram @YvetteReneeJohnson and Twitter @according2Yve. You can also check out her art work at which you can order some of her artwork. Her Pure Religion Candles at where you can order her candles.

Publishing Myths First-Time Authors

Publishing Myths First-Time Authors

by Juan Diaz


          Upon entering my fifth year as a published author, this is perhaps the most asked question when people see me in public: “Juan, how much money do you make off of your books?” At the mere sound of that question I can’t help but smile because I know that somewhere in that person’s mind they had developed the notion in their mind that I have made tons of cash upon the release of my books. Sadly, that is not the case for first-time authors. For example, if a person decides to self-publish their book, they must fully know they must take full responsibility of almost every single aspect with the publication of their book, which can deal with paying for their book to be published; along with doing their own promotion and trying to put their book on store shelves. Again, the self-published authors need to spend money to make all those possible. If the author wants their book to gain the full exposure; they must invest money into marketing to be successful in the market. In other words, the author can’t sit back and expect that the company that printed their book is going to do all the promotion for their book. That would be an epic fail in a commercial sense.

However, the first-time author should never fear the promotional aspect of their book. First of all, the author should familiarize themselves with the promotional packages of various self-publishing companies. For example, some companies may offer promotion for an author’s book for three months. However, other companies may offer a longer period of promotion. Also, authors should be made aware of how their book is being promoted. That is to say, what methods are being used by the company to promote the author’s book. If by any chance the company is not clear on how the author’s work will be promoted by no means should the author sign with that company. The author should also be aware that social media outlets are great tools to help promote their book. For instance, Facebook allows authors to by ad space for their book for just $5. The site also allows authors to create fan pages for their book. Above all, social media allows authors to network with one another, which can be vital for the growth of the authors writing career. The author must keep in mind, however, that it’s very rare that they will become millionaires with the publication of their book. Keep in mind that when writing a book one should do it for the sake of art not for fortune and fame.

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