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We are now accepting poems. We would like for you to share your poetry to the world through our platform. We are an open platform for inspiring talent. My partner Juan Carlos Diaz has been doing poetry for a while. To see his work on our platform and to see the recognition it has been receiving; we feel proud that poetry is still going. Regardless if it’s your first time writing poems or you have written many poems to other publishers. We would like to show case your work. Here is how it works.


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Shrines of War by Juan Carlos Diaz


Shrines of War

Poem by Juan Carlos Diaz



My war laughed at me today

It told me not to feed it anymore

From the food grown in adolescent

Wastelands where shrines for

Teenage girls still stand erect

Even though they’re now thirty-

Something year-old mothers of little

Girls whose heartbreaking tendencies

Lay dormant on their smiling faces

Until awakened by the sound of thirteen chiming

On their clocks.

Soon to wage wars in the hearts of future men

That is why my war is laughing at me because I’m

Now too old to be holding it hostage

Interview with Anthony Turner CEO of Alpha Wolfman Sneaker Brand

I told myself when I was 20 years old that I’m going to dedicate myself fully to music for 10 years before I reevaluate. And if I’m not to a position that is conducive to continuing I will move on to something more lucrative

Interview with Alpha Wolfman Sneaker Brand CEO Anthony Turner

Written by Patrick B. Hill





    When it comes to sneaker brands like Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Reebok, etc. Each brand started with a vision and started from the ground up. Each brand in the sneaker industry grew overtime with efficient and persistent operation. Nike for example didn’t became a shoe empire overtime. Founders of the shoe sold the shoes from back of their car. Talk about humble beginning. It later grew into a major brand.  African American Anthony Turner 31, Tennessee native and CEO of Alpha Wolfman Sneakers is another humble beginning story. I recently sat down with the CEO of Alpha Wolfman Sneakers to talk about his brand, story, vision, plan and sneaker.


Anthony “Wolfman” Turner had envisioned himself designing clothes and footwear as a child. It was a dream of his and in fact; he talks about his time of designing.  “When I was in high school I redesigned my high school letter men jackets. During the same time, I found a seamstress who could help me make my own clothing. So, I made a few pieces while in high school. But I was just exploring then. It wasn’t until I was in my early 20’s that I decided to design and make apparel to sell as a business.”  Anthony at one time talk about being a music producer before taking on the fashion and sneaker industry. However, he had a deep passion for the fashion industry. When I ask him if he currently still doing music on the side, “No. And the reason why is; I told myself when I was 20 years old that I’m going to dedicate myself fully to music for 10 years before I reevaluate. And if I’m not to a position that is conducive to continuing I will move on to something more lucrative. And needless to say, I decided that it was best to pursue my true passion full time which is fashion. Because at that point it become what i really wanted to do.”


Moving ahead, I talk to him about his sneakers. In the discussion, he took me through the process of his sneaker brand. He explains, “the process for me was a difficult one because my first goal was to find a reliable supplier that could manufacturer my sneakers with my full vision and make them affordable for people to buy. The first manufacturer I was with was in Italy. I do admit they were good at what they did but the prices weren’t set up for businesses to make money off them unless they were a high fashion brand. Especially selling sneakers for $300 plus.” He also talks about his strategy for his brand as well. “For me I wanted to reach a more of an urban
demographic. And I noticed that the option for branding was extremely limited. So, I researched and found new suppliers. And I took the same mentality as far as design goes. But urban with an upscale taste.”


15391089_10212382455063267_8198601338375736420_nWithin the discussion about his manufacturing and strategy, I got a chance to see his sneaker designs. Each sneaker had an imprint of a wolf paw tag on the side of the shoe. The wolf paw is the brand official logo. “So, I redesigned everything and added my logos and company name to come up with something new. Clear transparent soles, all gold soles, adding accessories etc. The series of sneakers are all named Lobo which stands for Wolf in Spanish. I have released all the way up to Lobo 5 currently.”


I ask him about what will it take for his brand to be in the same position with the other brands. “For me, I would say time. Because if you look at Nike in instance. They started out with the founding members being a track star and his coach. The first Nike sneaker was sold out the trunks of they’re cars. And over time with smart business moves, amazing designs, and determination now they are the #1 shoe company in the history of the world. So, for me I look at that as inspiration. They started out the same way I started out. I feel like within the next 5 years I could be a major competitor in the marketplace. I just would need to concrete my brand more.”

Time is always the essence of building a brand from ground up. The question is what will it take for such business to be in the same competition among other businesses who share the same idea and vision. Anthony knew what he needs to do for which he talks about his marketing strategy in the conversation. “My strategy for the next year is to advertise in more mediums and more marketplaces, such as TV ads, Billboard Ads, Internet ads such as social networks like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest. Paid targeted ads. Reach out to as many people as possible. And also I’m working on getting placed in major outlets across the United States.” 

Alpha Wolfman Sneakers are doing quite well. Lobo sneakers are still selling and consumers are really liking his sneakers. When I ask him about the feedback from consumers who brought a pair of Lobo sneakers, they were positive feedbacks. He explains, so far everyone who has purchased the Lobo series sneakers has been happy with the purchase. I get good feedback on them as well. Everything has been positive so far. Because I wanted to make sure that the sneakers release is as good or better than the quality that they would get at any major outlet. I even buy the shoes myself ahead of release dates and test them out for full quality control. The embrace has been great.” He also talks about his plans to get the sneakers out to the public.“Currently I’m in talks with a few retail chains and even small shoe stores to have them available for the upcoming year. I will have announcements coming soon on where they will become available. And we are signed up for a few expos the second quarter of 2017. But for right now the only way to get them are from my website.”

As we come to the end of the interview, I ask him about any future projects as well as updates on his sneaker production. “I have taken the Lobo 1 and Lobo 3 off the market because I wanted to redesign them. The next shoe that will be released will be the redesigned Lobo 3. This will be sometime in February of 2017. With the redesigned Lobo 1 following. There needed to be changes made because of a change in manufacturing. Because of that change now i have more options as far as design goes. New clothing is still being worked on as we speak release date is TBA.”

 Anthony Turner is still working hard to get his brand in the right position. What I took from this interview is a man who is determine and passionate about his business. Even though the market hasn’t been more openly invested to indie sneaker designers due to consumer loyalty. However, that hasn’t stop Anthony drive to bring awareness to his brand. Consumers have brought a pair of his sneakers and had great experience with the quality of the sneakers. Anthony not only does sneakers. He has a clothing apparel as well as accessories. We need to continue to support small businesses like Anthony. By supporting small businesses, we can create an open market for those to explore.


If you wish to know more about his brand, follow his brand on these social media sites.15203243_10212116295489444_6288234479610682103_n





You want a pair of Lobo sneakers and apparel, go to this site below.


Top Twenty Movies of 2017.

Top Twenty Movies of 2017

By Patrick Hill


To be quite honest, next year movie list looks very interesting from a fan standpoint. As we end 2016 which is in two weeks, I think it’s not surprising that the headline movies that are heading to theaters in 2017 will draw box office numbers. We end this year first with Star Wars Rogue One. Star Wars Rogue One is set to release on the 16th. If you planning on getting tickets to see it, you can order them today online without the hassle of waiting in line. Movies like Star Wars draw big box office numbers which the last Star Wars made two billion dollars. Spectators expect it to grow hoping to beat Star Wars Force Awakening box office numbers. That should be intrigue especially since I will be one to go and see it. However, there are fifty-one blockbuster movies expecting to be in theaters of 2017.

Here are the top twenty most anticipated movies that will be coming to theaters in 2017.

1) Fast and Furious 8: The fate of the furious.
2) Transformers: The Last Knight
3) Fifty Shades of Dark
4) Justice League
5) Logan
6) Star Wars: Episode VIII
7) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol:2
8) Wonder Woman
9) Spider man: Homecoming
10) World War Z 2
11) Thor: Ragnarok
12) Beauty and the Beast
13) War for The Planet of The Apes
14) Power Rangers
15) Underworld: Blood Wars
16) Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
17) Resident Evil: Final Chapter
18) XXX 3: The Return of Xander Cage
19) The Mummy
20) John Wick: Chapter 2

These top twenty movies are the most anticipated movies of 2017. There are more if you wish to find out about them. The link will be below the clips. Looking at this list of movies, tell me which one or two are you most looking forward to?

Leave a comment below.

Rogue One Trailer

War for The Planet of the Apes Trailer

The Mummy Trailer

The Fate of the Furious Trailer

Logan Trailer

XXX 3: The Return of Xander Cage

John Wick 2 Trailer

Most anticipated movie list link:

Pre-order your movie tickets at

What to expect?


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Jealous Ones

Jealous ones

By Juan Carlos Diaz

Tap tap tap

The tears of

A billion lovers past and

Present crash against the windowpanes

Trying to break in and steal what

You and I have in between the sheets

Oh yes those forlorn tears of

Lovers long gone trying to

Get straight to us

Just listen to the sound of

Their angry tears bouncing

Desperately on the outside of our home


Do you hear that? Babe,

Now they’re groaning in

Frustration because their bitter

And hateful tears can’t touch us

Ha the weatherman says it’s just

A bad thunderstorm outside but he

Doesn’t have the slightest clue of

The wars we’d faced to find

Each other and the jealous ones in pursuit

Gone Writing

Gone Writing

By Juan Carlos Diaz

She walks into my study,

And notices that my face,

Doesn’t belong to me,

My eyes are of another,

World anxiously,

Waiting to be birthed,

And awakened onto,

This one,

She focuses her,

Attention on my fingers,

As they dance to the rhythm of,

Tap tap tap finger to keyboard,

As bricks and mortar,

Fall from the atmosphere,

Of my brain,

It is then that she asks in her,

Sweet girlfriend voice,

“Have you gone writing today, baby?”


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