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As you may know, we started this magazine to help local, out of state, and international artists to be recognize for their work. We knew exactly how to do it and where we should do it. Our idea for this magazine is to be a platform for art. We also wanted to help businesses as well as event/concert promoters. The idea for this wordpress magazine is to gain as much followers to help not just our magazine but others who have flew under the radar. As you may see on our site today is an advertise image click link. This will help businesses advertise on our site on products and services created by Hidden Gem Digital Marketing. This is only an advertise beta trial until the summer.

Hidden Gem Digital Marketing is my very own business outside of the magazine. The magazine marketing is affliated with Hidden Gem Digital Marketing. All of the marketing on this site is done by HGDM. Moving forward, we would like to help your business. We will offer advertisement service in the summer. So, look out for the media kit and rate to advertise on the magazine.


Thank you.

Patrick Hill

Co/CEO/Editor/Writer/Marketing/Founder of HGDM and Neon Renaissance Magazin


What to expect?


Neon Renaissance Magazine is a place where art lives. What does that mean in general, it means we focus on art from all aspects. Neon Renaissance is the future movement for art. We build this platform to showcase today’s artwork as well as publication. This outlet encourages artists to continue to doing what they love and spotlighting their work. We also shine light on start-ups, small businesses, and medium businesses. People who are making impact in their community. Those whom are every day inspiration. People who are influential to others by their work and contribution to help others.

What you will expect from us is interviews, articles, short stories, fashion, paintings, advices, music, events, etc. All these and more will be available for your reading pleasure. If you have a business and you wish to advertise or sponsor us; please send me an email regarding business matters at the email address below.

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If you wish to showcase your work and would like to be interview; please send an email to the addresses below with the subject in the email.

Showcase/Review/Interview inquires email Juan Diaz:


Patrick Hill