Neon Renaissance is about the resurgences of art in today’s world. From artists to publications. Neon Renaissance Magazine is a magazine that focus on the positivity surrounding art and those who are making a difference. A platform where the unknown and underground has a place to be discover for their work.  Neon Renaissance Magazine is run by two individuals Patrick Hill and Juan Diaz.  Both saw the opportunity to help change the dynamic of covering stories as well as topics that will encourage change. Uplifting people as well as helping those to share their vision and mission. With the belief through this platform, we can make a difference on providing content that will create a transparent understanding of today’s community prospective and culture. We want readers not to be discourage by creating content that is falsely inaccurate. We want to create content that impacts people business, writing, painting, filming, singing, and etc. We also want want poets to share their poetry. Writers share their short story.  Business people share their motivation. We like for everyone to continue supporting us as we begin a new chapter.