Get to know “Beautiful Nightmare” author Johnna B. (Ten questions)

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Get to know “Beautiful Nightmare” author Johnna B. (Ten questions)

By Juan C. Diaz @tearsofwardiaz





What city and state are you from? ST. Louis MO


In what ways does your city influence the genre that you write in? Being born and raised in St.louis(one of the most dangerous cities in America) you attaint a certain attitude. A type of thick skin and rough edge. And that is displayed in my characters.


What influenced you to become a writer? My love for reading truly influenced my aspirations to be a Author. I wanted to write what I wanted to read. I didn’t see anyone combining love, thriller, suspense, horror and psycho so I decided I would try my hand and forge my own lane.


Which writers inspire you the most? Stephen King and Kwan Foye are my two top favorite authors when I first started out I wanted to intertwine them but boost my crazy level up 100.


Who or what inspired you to create Valencia Ball, the main character of your novel Beautiful Nightmare? I honestly don’t remember where I came up with her. I wanted to write about love, a woman who was in love with being in love.  She was an afterthought. The book was originally supposed to be about Raven. But one night I sat down and didn’t get up til the next morning and I worked her in and it seemed like the novel was made just for her.


Without giving too much of the story away, can you tell us a bit about the character Raven? She is a lesbian who loves women and she also loves to beat and torture them. She is hell bent on keeping Valencia in her life.



A few of my homies that have read Beautiful Nightmare have stated that the two male protagonists are too soft and don’t seem realistic at times.  Can males living the street life be hopeless romantics as well as gangsters? Yes they can, you’ve never seen the story of the Btk serial killer who was out killing women but went home to his wife and daughter as if he hadn’t been out killing women all night. Just cause you’re in the streets doesnt mean you don’t want to be loved. Most women are a man’s weakness he’s a big grizzly bear in the streets but turns that off when he is around his woman.


Will there be a sequel to a Beautiful Nightmare? Yes it will be released October 31st.


Many fans (myself included) would like to explore more about the friendship of Valencia and Sena. Will there be more books depicting those two characters, a prequel perhaps? Yes there will be a part 2 but it will focused more on Sena and Moochie’s relationship. And Shady will become a more relevant character and she now plays the part of Sena’s comrade.


Tell us about other novels that you’ve published. I also have a novel called Wicked deceptions, Sins of destruction, Wydow maker, Smitten Kitten(co-written by Chris Renee and Shadress Denise) Sex on the Rox(short story) and Vengeance will be released October 31st.


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