Editors pick of the month “Unanswered Questions” by Complex Angel



Hello Readers,

Each month, me and Juan Carlos Diaz will highlight one book that we think you the reader should read. The books can be self published or published by a major press company. What we do is highlight the books that we feel that are good to read. We also want to encourage readers to support upcoming authors as well. You’re support can go a long way towards helping those follow their dreams. You can find these books on Amazon.com.

Here is my pick that I recommend you to buy and read and share as well.

“He was everything I wanted and needed at the time. His love was the medicine for my pain or so I thought. ~ Vada Walker was not your average ‘wear your heart on your sleeve’ type female. At one point in her life that may have been the case. But after the father she loved so dearly walks out her life with no explanation and being betrayed by her best friend/true love. She vowed to only feel pain and pleasure in between her legs before she ever allowed it in her heart again. Vada Walker represents all females who have been betrayed, lost, and have held grudges and said their apologies too late…I am Vada and this is a story resembling my life.”


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