Will there be a season two of “The Get Down?” #TheGetDown #Netflix


Where there be a season three of “The Get Down?”

By Patrick Hill @Pathill17



If you have not seen part one or part two or both, I will not give away too much. However, a spoiler disclaimer if you have not seen them. The story takes place in the days of disco and funk music in 1970s. If you not familiar with those times, I suggest you research the 1970s. Hip hop was not highly recognized in the mainstream of music. It was mostly an underground tradition in urban communities. The story goes five young men known as “The Get Down Brothers” form to make music. Female dreams of being a star comes to life but it came with a price. There was a relationship that went through a period of conflicts. A drug dealer decides to focus on building a music empire. A drug kingpin who loves young men especially a particular young man that she recruited. There you go. I didn’t give away too much.


Part one was supposed to be the first season which (spoiler alert) ended with a love connection. Part two was supposed to be the second season which (spoiler alert) ended on a . . . You should go check it out. Anyways, those who have seen the ending of part two, you are wondering if there is a third season. I look everywhere to find any news or updates on a third season. It is too early to tell since it dropped on the 7th of April on Netflix. However, the money that Netflix spend on this show was roughly a $100 million dollar. So, it is plausible that it will be a season three but a $100 million dollar is hard to come up. The fact that the producer and director may ask for more may doom it even more.


Another thing is the story itself. It may lead you to believe it’s not over but if you notice from part one of the series; it sealed itself. Part two sealed off the patches that part one left out including the very first introduction of episode one. The “what happen to his love?” or ‘why is he crying?” debate. Just so you know spoiler alert. The story of part two finally revealed itself to the audience. The fate of “The Get Down” was deliver within the last two episodes. It is my guess that the show won’t be brought back due to investment on season three. I could be wrong but I could be right. If this is it, I guess we have to look forward to projects like this in the near future on Netflix.


This was one hell of a show. Look for a review of part two next weeknetflix_app_icon_with_logo


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