Taeyeon “My Voice” album review #kpop


Taeyeon “My Voice” album review

By Patrick Hill




The beautiful and talented Twenty-seven-year-old South Korean K-Pop Star Taeyeon has been on the rise since her first debut with Girls Generation. Before joining the group, she got signed by S.M. Entertainment at the age of 15. She was discovered through a talent show that was sponsor by S.M. Entertainment. She would later focus on her solo career after taking a break from the group. She is still sign with S.M. Entertainment and she has done a few projects with the group. Now, she is taking over as a solo artist.  Gallup Korea has Taeyeon as third most popular idol of 2015. Forbes Korea has her at 11th and she is 32nd  in Top 40 Power Celebrities of 2016. Taeyeon is a mix of r&b, pop, and soul. Her voice is somewhat compare to a Deborah Cox and a Christina Aguilera. She has a very powerful voice and style is more of casual. She has released multiple singles as well as duets with other K-Singers.  She has release two mini albums and now her third album called “My Voice” which is her full album was released on Friday.


Track list for “My Voice.”

  1. Fine
  2. Cover up
  3. Feel so fine
  4. I got love
  5. I’m okay
  6. Time Lapse
  7. Sweet Love
  8. When I was young
  9. Lonely night
  10. Love in color
  11. Fire
  12. Eraser


The first single of the album “I got love” was released on the 17th along with the video. The video reached 8 million views on YouTube. Her second single “Fine” released on the 27th along with the video. The video reached 2.5 million views on YouTube. I order the album on iTunes yesterday and listen to each track. Even though there isn’t an English dubbed album coming for this album. However, you can still vibe to the melodies and beats. You will come to understanding the songs as you continue to listen to it.  The album has sort of a pop, jazz, and r&b feel to it. It’s well put together. I really love “Time Lapse” which is a great song throughout the whole album. The first single is sounds more like Whitney Houston “I’m your baby tonight.” This is just what I feel. The album is a reflection of who is Taeyeon based on the main title and subtitles of the album.You get the sense that album is a retrospect of Taeyeon life and journal.  I can say this,  Taeyeon can make it in the U.S. market. I would not be shock if she makes the move to take on the competitive U.S. market.


Overall, the album is a solid B+.  You can find the album on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Google Music. Go check it out and download it.


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