Designer review: Elegant Rae Collection by designer Patrick Hill

Photo by Rosa Fairfield from

Designer of Elegant Rae Patrick Hill has been designing for a year now. Elegant Rae was launch in 2016 with the slogan “elegance and beauty.” He has been quite busy trying to officially launch the brand into retail for a bit. However, he has made Elegant Rae shoe collection available for the public. There is no date or timetable when the products will be launch into retail. However, he is set to launch a book for the brand in the late winter of 2018. He is also setting up a kickstarter page to help raise funds for his brand. There will be a link to the kickstarter campaign soon if you wish to donate and support the brand. It will be posted up on the next article.

Photo by Rosa Fairfield from

Check out some of his designs and also the link to Elegant Rae Shoes will below. He also have a merchandise store. That link will below.



Be as elegant and inspiring as you should be. The Elegant Rae collection by Aliveshoes. Inspire by Maya Angelou “Phenomenal woman” poetry. Coming soon the Elegant Rae novel and merchandise.



Elegant Rae Blushing shirt


Stud Ballerina flats

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