Poetry Corner: Evolution of Who I am


I am tough like Huey,

I dream like Martin,

I see like Malcolm,

I stand like Rosa,

I am educated like Booker,

I am the stature of Fredrick,

I am wise like Jesus

I am the embodiment of a civil right movement,

But I am the reflection of history,

I am the rebellion of Nate,

I am a leader like Tubman,

I am the community of Black Wall Street,

But I am the audacity of hope like Obama,

I am the most hated man like Colin,

But I am the most beloved person like Nelson,

I am the descendant child of Africa,

But I am a citizen of a nation that is United,

My oppression is of a third world,

But I have an opportunity,

I am from poverty,

But that won’t stop me,

Where I go,

My people will follow,

I am the example of greatness,

But endure failures,

I am victory like the revolutionary war,

I am the independence of July,

Yet, I am the civil war,

I am African American as I stand,

But I still have a long way to go to be free,


Written by 

Patrick Hill

Painting by 


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