Amazon Top Ten Urban Books top ten selling urban books on kindle By Patrick Hill @pathill17 @NeonRenMagazine     Brought to you by, we look at the top ten selling urban books on kindle. You can download kindle from your app store and google play store. You can also order a kindle on and order one these top selling books. These are in order of the top … Continue reading Amazon Top Ten Urban Books

Just Friends Series Finale (watch)

Recap of Episode 3; Amanda develops feelings for Owen. Amanda starts having fantasies about her and Owen until Jacob appears in her fantasy. She wakes up confuse about her dream.  Jacob has discover something new about Mya. Amanda decides to introduce Jacob to Owen after they rekindle their relationship. To assure Jacob that Owen is just a friend. Jacob confronts Owen about being friends with … Continue reading Just Friends Series Finale (watch)

Billboard Top 10 of 2017

Billboard Top 10 of 2017 By Patrick Hill @Pathill17 We look at the billboard top 10 albums of 2017. It’s no surprise to see that The Weeknd “Starboy” album on top of the billboard chart. Last week it was number 2 on the chart. After six weeks on the chart, the album has climb to the top beating out Ariana Grande, J.Cole, and fellow OVO … Continue reading Billboard Top 10 of 2017

Age Nine (poem)

Age Nine Written by Juan Carlos Diaz There exist a memory that serves as wallpaper To the suicide scars of my late teens. Painted upon its surface is a nine Year-old me, seated quietly in The palms of a late summer’s Day watching my older Brother smack a homerun Into the wizened face Of the ninety-four year-old twentieth Century. There my older brother goes, running … Continue reading Age Nine (poem)

Just Friends Web Series Ep: 3 (watch)

Recap Episode 2, Mya meets up with Harper who happens to be friends with Amanda. Harper tells Mya about Amanda forgiving Jacob after the break up. Mya seem worry giving the fact she slept with Jacob. Harper also tells Mya that Amanda call her a “thot.” Harper jokingly laughs until Mya got upset. Meanwhile, Owens has a date with Candy, and Amanda gets jealous. Mya … Continue reading Just Friends Web Series Ep: 3 (watch)

Disclaimer for Colors (Short Story)

  Disclaimer: Before you, the reader, reads these stories, I just want to say that they are completely, without a doubt, FICTION. Fiction taken from Real World events. No person or persons depicted in these stories have been made to fruition based on real people. The concepts and backdrops of each story, ARE however, based on real scenarios. In no way am I “Color-bashing” anyone, … Continue reading Disclaimer for Colors (Short Story)

Events in January by Event Brite

Neon Renaissance Magazine Present Events brought to you by Event Brite. If you need a place to go, we have some suggestions for you. Here are some events that we think is worth the admission to go see.   January Events: Free Jujube Brown The Wild Project 195 E. 3rd St. New York, NY 10009 Mon, January 9, 2017 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM EST … Continue reading Events in January by Event Brite

Just Friends Web Series Ep: 2 (watch)

Recap from episode one, Amanad tells Jacob that she loves him but Jacob seem hesitant to say it back. Amanda asks him for which he replies he wasn’t in love with her. After Amanda leaves Jacob home in distress, she tells Owen about the break up. Owens comforts her and ponders about telling her that he wants to be with her. Owen took a chance … Continue reading Just Friends Web Series Ep: 2 (watch)

Just Friends Web series Ep: 1 (watch)

Introducing our YouTube video series where we browse through YouTube looking for web series and short films for your viewing pleasure.  I like to introduce y’all to a web series called “Just friends” Produce by Ian Miles and Ally Marshall.  Written by Ally Marshall. The story is about Amanda (Sarah Grace Lee) and Owens (Chris Anderson) who happen to be best friends. Amanda (Sarah Grace … Continue reading Just Friends Web series Ep: 1 (watch)

Q&A with “Just Tryin’ To Be Loved” Author J’son M. Lee

It just clicked for me after she said that. It’s plain unethical to think that someone can change their sexuality. I spent my life thinking something was wrong with me. I wanted to tell our stories to normalize our reality. Q&A  with “Just Tryin’ To Be Loved” Author J’son M. Lee. By Juan Carlos Diaz   Lol Ever since we’ve met J have been fascinated … Continue reading Q&A with “Just Tryin’ To Be Loved” Author J’son M. Lee