Short Stories (Disclaimer)


Dear Readers,


We are proud to introduce a category dedicated to short stories created by authors, writers, and you. This category is for the readers to explore the minds of talented writers who have or have not written a novel. It is going to be our tradition moving forward to encourage you to support upcoming  authors and writers. It is not an easy task to do. The material may have some offensive language and explicit theme. We ask that you be aware of this before you read submitted short stories. We want to promote positive as well as creativity. This is where art lives on and we expect that you would understand it. Art is an expression, imagination, and innovation of our thoughts and emotions. We will continue to push art forward and support talent all around. We ask that you acknowledge and understand that in no nature of the material we display is by no intent to offend anyone. It is my responsibility to make sure that each submission is appropriate for readers. If it offends you, please let me know so we can take it down, and address it.


Thank you

Patrick Hill


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