Color Blind (Web Series)

(Episode 1.1 – Welcome To The Big Leagues)

Trey and Xavier “Xay” Williams are brothers, who are both struggling to make ends meet especially when it comes to taking care of their families and the family business, but while Trey returns to the fighting scenes, Xay decides to take another route.

Written and Directed: Karlton T. Clay

Feature Picture: Tina- Chris Williams

Producer: Terrence Williams

Executive Producers: Karlton T. Clay and Saint Abia Williams

Music:  “Trust Nobody” by Lil Co and Saint

“Weight on me” by Tyzavier “Zayda Mane” Wesby

“Self Esteem” By Danny Blaze ft. Tionne Robinson

“Self Esteem” By  Austin Jackson


Calvin Roland

Cendric Johnson

Kendra Clay

Lamar Copeland

Janae Dotson

Blake Collins

Jamie Curtis

Faheem Blair

Micheal Branch

Evelyn Johnson

Eric E. Poe

Corey Patterson Sr.

Subscribe to Victory Production on YouTube or click on the link below to subscribe.  Stay tune for Webisode two on Thursday. 


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