YouTube Creator Review: Karlton Clay

Photo by Alan Lux Studios

YouTube Creator Review: Karlton Clay

By Patrick Hill

@Pathill17 @NeonRenMagazine



We introduce this article to shed light to creators who share a passion of creating art through visual work. With a platform like YouTube, billions of people are using the platform to showcase their visual work, and talent. It is a great place for filmmakers to showcase film. A great place for actors to showcase their acting. A great place for art in general. Without places like YouTube that allows the public access to creators; there wouldn’t be a place for people like Karlton Clay.


10711073_10101713661221197_3517848816100998826_nKarlton Clay a graduate from Georgia State writes, directs, and produces for his production company called Victory. Victory Production started in 2003.  Karlton Clay who has work in production for ten years as an associate producer, producer, technician, and board operator. He introduces his audience to his visual work on YouTube releasing short films as well as web series. Creating varies of content for viewers to watch. First web series premiered in 2006 on YouTube. Color blind for example talks about the struggle of an individual as well as the issues surrounding the individual choices. It also invites you into the main character world from community to personal life. Color blind may come off as comedy after the first episode. However, the show doesn’t shy away from drama and suspense of each moment.



Photo by Tina-Chris Williams

Next Saturday, we will premiere Color Blind on our YouTube Web Series Watch article. You can watch it before next Saturday by clicking on the link below to Victory Production YouTube Channel. Make sure you support and subscribe to their channel. Don’t forget to follow our magazine for articles, concerts, events, arts, poems, YouTube, etc.


Photos were done by Alan Lux Studios


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