Disclaimer for Colors (Short Story)



Before you, the reader, reads these stories, I just want to say that they are completely, without a doubt, FICTION. Fiction taken from Real World events. No person or persons depicted in these stories have been made to fruition based on real people. The concepts and backdrops of each story, ARE however, based on real scenarios.

In no way am I “Color-bashing” anyone, which most of you will assume, I am sure. There are points that need to be addressed based on each class, that are brought up in the stories. Each “Color” is in a different class in the scale of the world, aka the Color Prism.

ROYGBIV represents all colors. It is up to you to figure out which color represents the parallel group in today’s world…At least the ones that are named.

Please try to enjoy and understand the stories BEFORE criticizing and assuming the worst. Thank you.

Colors. They are all around us. We as a human family have been categorized by where we all come from in the world, and by the colors of our skin. We are never categorized as people who bring diversity or accomplishments to another “color”, but by where we come from and what we look like. The stories that follow are events that are taken from scenarios that each color has gone through in the class that they are in in the Color Prism.

What should be taken from these stories must not be discouraging, but should shed light on what is needed to change in modern society and to bring us all together. Enjoy.




Keanon Chambers.


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