Age Nine (poem)

Age Nine Written by Juan Carlos Diaz There exist a memory that serves as wallpaper To the suicide scars of my late teens. Painted upon its surface is a nine Year-old me, seated quietly in The palms of a late summer’s Day watching my older Brother smack a homerun Into the wizened face Of the ninety-four year-old twentieth Century. There my older brother goes, running … Continue reading Age Nine (poem)

Just Friends Web Series Ep: 3 (watch)

Recap Episode 2, Mya meets up with Harper who happens to be friends with Amanda. Harper tells Mya about Amanda forgiving Jacob after the break up. Mya seem worry giving the fact she slept with Jacob. Harper also tells Mya that Amanda call her a “thot.” Harper jokingly laughs until Mya got upset. Meanwhile, Owens has a date with Candy, and Amanda gets jealous. Mya … Continue reading Just Friends Web Series Ep: 3 (watch)

Disclaimer for Colors (Short Story)

  Disclaimer: Before you, the reader, reads these stories, I just want to say that they are completely, without a doubt, FICTION. Fiction taken from Real World events. No person or persons depicted in these stories have been made to fruition based on real people. The concepts and backdrops of each story, ARE however, based on real scenarios. In no way am I “Color-bashing” anyone, … Continue reading Disclaimer for Colors (Short Story)