Just Friends Web Series Ep: 2 (watch)

Recap from episode one,

Amanad tells Jacob that she loves him but Jacob seem hesitant to say it back. Amanda asks him for which he replies he wasn’t in love with her. After Amanda leaves Jacob home in distress, she tells Owen about the break up. Owens comforts her and ponders about telling her that he wants to be with her. Owen took a chance in the moment to tell her, he wants to be with her only to be deny. Amanda tells Owen that she refer to be friends with him. After Amanda leaves Owen home, Owen contacts Noah (Alexander Williams Laroche) to tell him what happen. Amanda tells her best friend Harper that Jacob broke up with her. Harper ask Amanda about her relationship with Owens. Amanda tells Harper that her and Owen are just friends. Harper expresses her thought about Owen but also worry that Amanda will go back out with Jacob. After not taking heap of Harper words about leaving Jacob, Amanda goes back to Jacob. When Jacob accepts her back, Mya walks in to see it. After leaving Jacob home, Mya meets up with Harper.


So we pick up from where episode two left us. Watch and discuss. Make sure to follow them on social media and subscribe to their channel on YouTube


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