Just Friends Web series Ep: 1 (watch)

Introducing our YouTube video series where we browse through YouTube looking for web series and short films for your viewing pleasure.  I like to introduce y’all to a web series called “Just friends” Produce by Ian Miles and Ally Marshall.  Written by Ally Marshall. The story is about Amanda (Sarah Grace Lee) and Owens (Chris Anderson) who happen to be best friends. Amanda (Sarah Grace Lee) happens to be in a relationship with Jacob (Marquis Valdez). Amanda’s best friend Harper (Britani Ashanti) ponders Amanda (Sarah Grace Lee) choice to be with Jacob (Marquis Valdez) over Owens (Chris Anderson). While Mya (Ronni) who happens to be friends with Amanda (Sarah Grace Lee) wants Jacob (Marquis Valdez).

The first episode Owens is in love with Amanda.  Let’s watch and make sure you tune in for episode two next week on this site. Don’t forget to subscribe to their channel and follow them on social media. The links will be below this video.

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