Q&A with local Artist/Writer/CEO of Pure Religion Candles Yvette Renee.

Q&A with local Artist/Writer/CEO of Pure Religion Candles Yvette Renee.

By Patrick B. Hill


Today, I spoke with Yvette Renee for those who don’t know, she is a local artist, writer, and business woman who runs her own brand. I sat down with her to discuss about her passion for art and work life. Her story is very touching and encouraging. You will learn about a bit her life and how art has given her a voice to express herself.


I notice you are an artist, writer, painter, and the CEO of Pure Religion Candles. What was the process like transitioning from each position?

Each venture has been a natural outpouring of expression based on life experiences at those times. I’ve been a writer for almost as long as I can remember. In second grade I wrote my first story that had an “audience” (my class) and I was hooked. I started painting after I broke up with my first love. He was also a painter and it was a way I could express how I felt about all of the changes and feel close to him. I didn’t start taking it “seriously” until a few years ago, when I felt like I had lost my voice and painting became the means of expression. The candle business came about as I grew stronger in my Christian faith. I wanted a way to serve Jesus and make meaningful, personal gifts for others. None of what i do is work for me. It’s just living.


Wow, reading what you said; it seems like art pretty much allow you express yourself like you want to. I hope I am not reading this wrong.

You have it right. I’m your typical “misunderstood” introvert so art is my vehicle of communication with the world.


Right. Would you say if it wasn’t for art, you wouldn’t have the ability to express yourself?

Hmmmm……I’ve never thought about it yes, I would say that. When i think of some of the darker periods of my life it was usually a time I wasn’t doing anything at all.


Have you written a book?

No. Still on my goal list. Its why I consider myself a writer. Not an author. I do personal creative writing but professionally I’ve written columns, some articles, and various writing services for businesses and other clients.

Interesting. Would you consider it giving the time you may have down the road?

I have a few ideas in mind so it’s a distinct possibility. I consider myself a brand so means of expression is always evolving as I do.


Okay. I was on your art site looking at your paintings. I am impressed. When I move out, I will buy one of them. One painting that stood out to me was “Burn before 11:30.” Explain to me what was the concept of this painting?

Thanks! Cool just let me know. That one was kind of a practice piece. An old friend had contacted me out of the blue and wanted me to live paint at one of his events. I hadn’t painted anything in almost 6 years. So, to get myself back in that creative place I did a few practice pieces.

Oh okay. So, can people order your painting, how does that work?

Its real casual since I don’t have prints yet so I sell to mostly local people that buying either at a show or contacting me by email or phone for in person delivery. I accept cash, money order, PayPal, and credit cards and i also offer installment plans for the pricier pieces.


Tell me little bit more about Pure Religion Candles?

Pure Religion candles is a ministry and a business. I hand make all natural soy candles and all natural body butter. I print a scripture verse on each product, usually a verse about faith, hope, love, etc. 10% of all sales are donated to Samaritans purse (a one-time payment during tax time).


What candle would you recommend new buyers to try first?

Each scent is so unique so it’s up to the preference of the buyer. Scents come in vanilla, lavender, frankincense & myrrh, mango, oak moss & amber, and lavender chamomile.


One more before we go. Will there be another art show happening in 2017 for you?

Uhhhh….depends on how the Lord leads me lol. Art shows are a lot of work preparation wise and day of. I will probably be focusing more on my candle business and doing art on commission.


Okay so no art show?

Lol, depends. Nothing planned but if the Lord leads me to an opportunity then sure.

Okay. So, there’s hope.

Yes. I think i did like 3 or 4 this year which is why I’m chilling right now. But I advertise all my work on social media (Instagram and twitter) and my website so people can view and purchase just by giving me a call.


You can follow her on Instagram @YvetteReneeJohnson and Twitter @according2Yve. You can also check out her art work at http://www.yvettereneejohnson.com/art which you can order some of her artwork. Her Pure Religion Candles at https://purereligioncandles.patternbyetsy.com/ where you can order her candles.

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