Publishing Myths First-Time Authors

Publishing Myths First-Time Authors

by Juan Diaz


          Upon entering my fifth year as a published author, this is perhaps the most asked question when people see me in public: “Juan, how much money do you make off of your books?” At the mere sound of that question I can’t help but smile because I know that somewhere in that person’s mind they had developed the notion in their mind that I have made tons of cash upon the release of my books. Sadly, that is not the case for first-time authors. For example, if a person decides to self-publish their book, they must fully know they must take full responsibility of almost every single aspect with the publication of their book, which can deal with paying for their book to be published; along with doing their own promotion and trying to put their book on store shelves. Again, the self-published authors need to spend money to make all those possible. If the author wants their book to gain the full exposure; they must invest money into marketing to be successful in the market. In other words, the author can’t sit back and expect that the company that printed their book is going to do all the promotion for their book. That would be an epic fail in a commercial sense.

However, the first-time author should never fear the promotional aspect of their book. First of all, the author should familiarize themselves with the promotional packages of various self-publishing companies. For example, some companies may offer promotion for an author’s book for three months. However, other companies may offer a longer period of promotion. Also, authors should be made aware of how their book is being promoted. That is to say, what methods are being used by the company to promote the author’s book. If by any chance the company is not clear on how the author’s work will be promoted by no means should the author sign with that company. The author should also be aware that social media outlets are great tools to help promote their book. For instance, Facebook allows authors to by ad space for their book for just $5. The site also allows authors to create fan pages for their book. Above all, social media allows authors to network with one another, which can be vital for the growth of the authors writing career. The author must keep in mind, however, that it’s very rare that they will become millionaires with the publication of their book. Keep in mind that when writing a book one should do it for the sake of art not for fortune and fame.

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